Power steering pump high pressure line with flare nut.

The replacement pump came with a new Teflon seal for the high pressure line flare nut. To install the seal you are suppose to soften the seal in warm water and install it with a special tool.

I made a tool to install the Teflon seal out of a funnel that I bought from Walmart for 97 cents plus tax. To make the installer tool I cut the end of the funnel off with a utility knife.

Funnel shown cut apart to make installer tool.

The length of my homemade seal installer is 1 3/4 inch. After cutting the tip off the funnel remove any burs from the edge of the installer tool. You can still use the rest of the funnel for something else.

Homemade power steering Teflon seal installer tool.
Product label from the FloTool Multi-purpose funnel used to make installation tool.

Flotool 10701RB Multi-Purpose Funnel. (bar code number 0 98213 10812 5 )

To install the seal, push the homemade installer tool into position on the flare nut. The flare nut threads should be covered.

NOTE: Do not park the Teflon seal on installer tool because it will stretch the seal!

Homemade Teflon seal installation tool shown in place on the high pressure line flare nut.

Soften the seal by placing it in a container of warm / hot water.
Remove the seal from the warm water (you can dry it with a paper towel) and immediately slip it over the funnel tip and onto the flare nut.

That's it!
Do it just like that and the seal will not be stretched and hanging loose on the flare nut.

New power steering pump mounted on engine.

To install the high pressure line to the pump I found that it was easier to start threading the flare nut into the pump while holding the pump in one hand and turning the flare nut with the other hand.

You have to get the position of the pump just right then you can get the flare nut started into the pump without cross threading it.
Seat the flare nut by hand while holding the pump then get the pump bolts in place. Do not let the pump hang from the high pressure line.

The pump mounting bolts get torqued to 18 ft lbs and the pump end high pressure line flare nut gets torqued to 35 ft lbs.  ( 3.0L DOHC Duratec Engine )

The line on top of the pump shaft is from the camera flash. It's not a keyway!

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