Brookside Elementary School

Photograph of the first grade class in their Halloween costumes and the second grade class in the following year in their Halloween costumes.
(circa 1933, 1934, Brookside School, Bloomfield, N.J.)

Deluxe Tavern

Photograph of the Deluxe Tavern
254 George Street, New Brunswick, N.J.
(circa 1930s? Tavern)

Bates Country Market

Photograph of the Bates Country Market
2809 Belmar Blvd., Wall Township, N.J.
(circa 1950s)

Harry Fornoff's Bus Service

Photograph of a pre 1920s
and an early 1920s passenger bus.
(circa 1920s Bloomfield, N.J.)

Lorraine Hotel

Photograph of the Lorraine Hotel
31 Albany Street, New Brunswick, N.J.
(September 1946)

Saint John The Baptist Church

Photograph of the Saint John The Baptist Catholic Church, 29 Abeel Street, New Brunswick, N.J.
(October 1953)