Robert Lee Fornoff standing near the front wheel of number 495 Newark & Bloomfield Bus circa 1919 to 1924.

A picture of the Newark & Bloomfield Bus #495 taken sometime between 1919 and 1924. Bloomfield, New Jersey

Robert Lee Fornoff standing in front of Bloomfield Safety Bus number 495 circa early 1920s.

A picture of the Bloomfield Safety Bus #495 probably taken in the early 1920s. Bloomfield, New Jersey

Standing in front of the bus in each of the above images was my grandfather Robert Lee Fornoff. His brother Harry Fornoff owned a bus service in Bloomfield New Jersey and my grandfather drove for him. The bus in the second picture may have replaced the bus in the top photo as the second bus is larger and they were both numbered 495. Here is some information I found at Dave Mackey's website. He has a roster that includes two buses that my great uncle, Harry Fornoff sold to the New Jersey public transportation service. The fleet number and year aquired in the table header is the number used by NJ public transportation and the date they acquired the buses.

Fleet Number 226 231
Manufacturer Ultimate Ultimate
Model ? ?
Serial# 1654l 63
Seating Capacity 18 21
Year Built 1919 1922
Year Acquired 1924 1924
Prior Owner H. Fornoff (Bloomfied Ave. 495) H. Fornoff (Bloomfied Ave. 419)

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