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The New Advent Loudspeaker is a new version of a speaker system that for several years has been the most popular and most imitated speaker in the United States.
   We have built greater high-frequency energy output into the New Advent Loudspeaker, to reflect improvements that have taken place in recording and broadcasting. But the basic idea behind it is the same.
   This brochure is meant to spell out that idea, explain how we carry it out, and hopefully answer questions you may have about the design and performance of loudspeakers.
   We think the best way to begin is with a brief description
of our company and our approach to designing products.

Advent Corporation was formed in 1967 to develop new kinds of home-entertainment products, both audio and visual, that go well beyond the limits accepted at a given moment and explore new or significantly different approaches to design.
   Our most unusual product is Advent VideoBeam® color television -- a unique projection-television set that produces a life-size (six foot diagonal measure) color picture. But audio products have been the core of our business and our reputation. They include:
 High-performance loudspeakers for home listening. We have sold more than a million speakers, and the Advent Loudspeaker has accounted for half that total. (It’s worth pointing out that those sales have resulted from a minimum of national advertising and a maximum of word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied owners.)
 The first high-performance stereo cassette equipment, introducing the Dolby® system and other innovations to the cassette format.
 The first use of the Dolby system in a separate component for use with stereo music equipment.
The introduction of chromium-dioxide tape to cassette use.
 The highest-quality cassette recordings (Advent Process CR/ 70"‘ Cassettes) ever offered, employing both the Dolby system and chromium-dioxide tape.
 The first moderate-price stereo receiver (The Advent Model 300) designed to compete in every audible respect except total power output with the most expensive amplifiers, preamps, and tuners. All of our products are developed one at a time (rather than as part of a broad line of models at different prices) when we see opportunities that suit our abilities. We don't try to make everything, and we don’t design any product in imitation of anyone else's.


Despite a great deal of advertising to the contrary, it is not

"Dolby" is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Inc.
                                  The New Advent Loudspeaker.

difficult to design a good loudspeaker. The necessary know- ledge and materials have been available for quite a while.
   But the trick, to our way of thinking, is to produce a speaker that isn’t bigger, or more expensive, or more complex than necessary for maximum useful performance - and one that sounds good not just under “ideal” or laboratory conditions but under the widest range of actual conditions in people's homes. That basic approach is very much a part of the design of The New Advent Loudspeaker.


The New Advent Loudspeaker is based on a premise that is not easy to accept. The idea, based on long experience in the design of high-performance speakers, is that it's possible to produce a moderate-cost speaker system that is nothing less than the right, completely satisfying, no-compromise choice for most people who have a demanding interest in music and sound.
The New Advent is designed to combine the following objectives:
 To fit the highest category of loudspeaker quality, with overall performance that for listening at home is at least the equal -- in every audible and useful respect, including total frequency range -of the most expensive speakers available.
 To do that at about half the average cost of the speakers usually considered the best available.
 To be small enough, unobtrusive enough, and uncritical enough in placement to fit easily into a home.
 To produce enough output at low distortion to permit listening to music at satisfyingly loud levels in even the largest living room.
 To be driven comfortably by the majority of good amplifiers and receivers now available, with a loudness reserve sufficient for the most demanding musical material.
 To sound convincing not only on the best recordings but on the great majority of recordings of all kinds.
   Our initial interest in speakers was in the category just below the “ultimate” in performance and a long way below it in price - the category in which most serious listeners, feeling that further improvements are not worth the added cost, decide to buy. We knew that we could produce a speaker that would be both significantly better and significantly less expensive than the speakers considered the best value in that category. Our aim was to do that and establish a new point of diminishing returns that would be closer to the highest level of speaker performance.
   But as we began to apply some new thinking about old concepts and to take advantage of new materials and manufacturing techniques, it became increasingly clear that


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