Top view of LiniStepper driver board.

My build of the LiniStepper open source unipolar stepper motor driver that I discovered when I was looking for stepper motor driver ideas for the next version of my pic based coil winder controller.

The LiniStepper offers standard full step and half step modes, and a half step mode with full torque. Microstepping 6th, 18th, and infinite. For my current coil winder setup I am running the LiniStepper drivers in half step mode.

Bottom view of LiniStepper driver board.

The LiniStepper was designed by Roman Black and available as a kit from the PicList website. For more information or to check out the kit. Visit the LiniStepper web page.

I downloaded the circuit board layout that Siniarsa Devanata contributed to the user modifications page of the PicList LiniStepper site. Than I extensively modified the board layout.

LiniStepper driver board connected to stepper motor.

Here I'm testing one of the LiniStepper boards after finishing building the pair.

Top view of pair of LiniStepper driver boards.

My two LiniStepper boards with GlacialTech Igloo 7223 / (E) cpu heatsinks and fans.

LiniStepper cpu heatsink to angle bracket mounting.
Unpopulated LiniStepper circuit boards.

Here is the piclist page with the v2 LiniStepper Driver schematic diagram that was used to build the driver boards on this page.

Linistepper board closeup image.
LiniStepper board layout.

My modified layout of Siniarsa Devanata's version the of the LiniStepper Circuit Board. To download the image, right click over image and choose "save image as". The board image should print out to scale with the print scale at 100%. If not change print scale to correct image size..

LiniStepper driver wire connection pinouts.
Stepping mode configuration jumpers.

My build of the LiniStepper drive uses jumpers to configure the step mode.

Here are the four jumper configuration choices for the driver board. Full Step, Half Step, 6th MicroStep, or 18th MicroStep.

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