Hansen stepper motor used in original automatic coil winder article.

These are the motors that were used in the original coil winder article in Nuts & Volts magazine. This information is from the All Electronics web site listing for the SMT-62 stepper motor captured by the Wayback Machine on June 2, 2005.

IMC/HANSEN #287500-811 MOTOR

IMC / Hansen #287500-811. 5 Vdc, 3.6 Ohm, 1.38 Amp stepper motor. 7.5 Degree step angle. 0.25" diameter x 1" shaft. 2.75" diameter x 1.67" body. Mounting plate is 2.75" square with threaded holes in each corner on 2.2" centers. Six 32" leads. Motors are unused, but have been in storage for an extended period of time (1984 date). May have scratches, corrosion or other signs of age. Guaranteed functional. CAT# SMT-62