Coil Winder Main Menu

The first choice in the menu is the wire gauge setting. The setting starts at 21 gauge and extends to 40 gauge.

Changes to menu values are automatically saved to (EEPROM) memory when the continue button is pressed.

The next setting is the number of windings to complete. You can enter up to 65535 turns max. The single up down arrows increment or decrement by one and the double arrow buttons increment or decrement by ten. You can hold down one of the up down arrow buttons in any of the menus and the number value will increment or decrement automatically.

The windings and coil width menu values can be changed in increments of 100 by pressing the single and double up arrow buttons simultaneously or by pressing the single and double down arrow buttons.

The next setting is the coil width which sets the carriage movement by motor steps. The maximum carriage steps setting is 65535 steps. 1536 carriage motor steps equals 1 inch of carriage travel in full step mode when using 48 step (7.5deg) motors and a #10-32 threaded carriage rod.

The Setup Hardware menu is for setting and saving various hardware related values to the (EEPROM) memory.

The carriage jog menu for carriage positioning. The single arrow buttons move the carriage slow and the double arrow buttons move the carriage faster.

The next menu give the choice of running the winder or looping back through the menus again.

The next menu is displayed while the winder is running and shows the current winding count. The pause button allows you to pause the winding process and the next menu allows you to continue winding without losing winding count or carriage position.

If you press the Park & Restart button you are aborting the run. The carriage will return to the starting position originally set with the jog buttons and the display will return to the top of the start menu.

When the winding is complete the carriage will stop wherever it was at the time. If you press the park button the carriage will return to the position originally set as above.

After pressing the park button you can see the carriage step position displayed on the LCD as the carriage returns to the park position.

Setup Hardware Menu

The Setup Hardware menu is for setting motor steps, the step delay time, and the wire gauge winder ratio settings in the (EEPROM) memory of the microcontroller.

If you change the motor steps or step delay settings the new values will automatically be saved to EEPROM when you press the cont button.

The step delay is adjustable from a minimum time delay of 1ms to a maximum setting of 255ms. At a setting of 255 ms you can step the motors real slow or observe the sequencer outputs using LEDs without hooking up motors to check the output patterns and step counts between the winder and carriage outputs.

The next menu allows you to select Set Wind Ratios so you can enter or change the wind ratios for each wire gauge or press cont to bypass the ratios menu.

The next menu shows the current wire gauge that was selected in the first winder menu. The next three menus display the ratio settings for the current wire gauge selected and give you the opportunity to change the settings and save the new values to the (EEPROM) memory.

AddH Ratio is the next menu choice and it sets the winder to carriage motor steps ratio such as 1:1, 2:1 etc.

The next menu item is the DropH Ratio because it drops a carriage motor step on the high number count. A setting of 3 would drop every third carriage motor step as long as the previous menu item the AddH Ratio setting is set to 1.

DropL Ratio drops a carriage motor step on the low number in the DropL ratio count. A setting of twelve would drop a carriage step on number 1 of a count of twelve. The two Drop Ratio settings allow you to create non-integer ratios.

The last menu in the EEPROM group allows you to save changes made to the winder ratio settings.

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