Chronar 6 X 12 solar panel.

The Chronar Corporation originally developed a batch plasma deposition process for making amorphous silicon substrates.
After Chronar filed bankruptcy in 1990, the principal investor formed Advanced Photovoltaic Systems, Inc. (APS) and continued development of the a-Si deposition process at a Trenton NJ pilot plant. APS eventually transferred the technology and equipment to a special purpose plant in Fairfield, CA in 1992-93 and operated it in limited production until bankruptcy again intervened. Factory assets were eventually purchased by BP Solar.
(The above information is from a NREL report done for the U.S. Department of Energy.)

 Back of 6 X 12 Chronar Solar panel.

The back side of the panels have metal conductors deposited on them, and most of my panels have a clear protective coating sealing them.
To expose the conductive surface I use lacquer thinner and a Q tip to dissolve and remove the clear protective coating. Than I can use an alligator clip or some other spring loaded clip to make electrical contact with the panel.

Box of old Chronar solar panels.

Chronar logo printed on box.
Chronar 6 X 12 solar panel characterization plot.

I characterized the panels with a variable load circuit I threw together before making my solar shunt project

Closeup view of the interconnecting wire pair for the Solar Book.

The panels put out about 10 volts with no load in full sun light and maximum power occurs at between 6 and 7 volts.