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Cyclone PCB Factory version 2.1 CNC milling machine.

My build of the Cyclone PCB Factory CNC

While I was in the process of building my first 3d printer, I stumbled across the Cyclone PCB Factory open source project. I thought it was so cool that I had to build one. The Cyclone project was started by Carlos Garcia Saura, but many people from around the world have contributed to the project and many people have created their own version of the Cyclone. My build is of the stylish version from the Department of Innovation and Robotics BQ.

My 3d printed parts for the Cyclone PCB Factory.

I printed the Cyclone parts with my Prusia i3 3d printer using ABS filament. I printed the parts in the garage in the summer heat with a heated printer bed and ABS slurry on the glass bed to prevent the parts from lifting and warping while printing. 

Smooth and threaded rods cut to size for the Cyclone PCB.

I bought 8mm smooth and threaded rods for the Cyclone and cut them to length with my high speed air cut-off tool. I protected the rods by wrapping them with heavy wrapping paper and by just exposing the area of the rod I needed to cut. After cutting the rods I ground and beveled the edges of the rods.

I then chased the threaded rods with a tool dye and cleaned all the rods with isopropyl alcohol and compressed air to make sure they were debris free.

I madeThe base of the Cyclone PCB Factory from 5/8" particle board that I cut and rounded the edges. and painted with black hammered paint. bought In this image I have the structural 3d printed parts mounted to the base and the six smooth rods in place. You can also see the threaded rod bearings set in the recesses of the printed parts. The four bearings for the horizontal threaded rods 

The Cyclone PCB Factory.

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