Practice Play Along.

The Practice Play Along is used to mix the audio output of a musical instrument with a stereo hi-fi audio system using the stereo system's monitor jacks.

The Practice Play Along is a Craig Anderton design from his "Electronics Projects for Musicians" book. It has a musical instrument input jack and left and right volume controls that affect only the instrument input volume level.

Inside view of Practice Play Along.

I power the unit with an old Jerome PIDH-36 power adapter that has +12 and -12 volt regulated outputs.

On the back panel there is a potentiometer to adjust the input gain to compensate for the output level of the musical instrument.

Bottom view of Practice Play Along circuit board.

This project was the second of two that I made using a Radio Shack printed circuit board making kit. I drew the circuit traces on the board using a permanent marker and etched the board.

Practice Play Along circuit board.

I built this project using the TL084 quad op amp in place of the original RC4136 or XC4136 quad op amps that were specified. I had to change the board layout because the TL084 has a different pinout. The RC4136 is still available.