Home built RIAA phono preamp.

My build of the stereo phono preamp circuit designed by Jules Ruckebusch and featured on Recording magazine web site.

A kit of this preamp is sold by PAIA.
The preamp is used to interface a record player's magnetic cartridge output to the line level input of a modern audio device.

RIAA preamp in use.

I use this preamp to interface my turntable and desktop computer to capture and digitize old LP and 45 records.
I use the free open source software program Audacity from Sourceforge to capture and edit the audio.

Audacity can encode and export mp3s with a free plugin. Information is available on the Audacity web page. The Preamp and Audacity Software both work very well.

Home built RIAA phono preamp inside view.

The heart of the preamp is the 5532 op amp. I built the circuit on a Radio Shack 276-150 multipurpose board. I reduced the width of the circuit board with a utility knife.
The size of the aluminum enclosure is approximately 3.9" X 2" X 1" part #11957 from Jameco Electronics

Home built RIAA phono preamp rear view.

I used a wall wort (power adapter) with regulated +12 volt and -12 volt outputs to power the preamp.

Schematic diagrams are viewable at the Recording Magazine and PAIA web sites.