Home-built audio frequency generator.

This Audio-Frequency Generator was featured in the March 1984 issue of Radio Electronics magazine and authored by Richard Schroeder.

I thought it would be a very useful tool to have and I built the generator around the time the article was published. I bought the circuit board from the source provided in the article and the rest of the parts from other sources. The unit has has a four digit autoranging LED display with a 1 Hz resolution below 10 kHz and a 10 Hz resolution for higher frequencies with a decimal point appearing as the kHz range indicator.

Rear view of home-built audio frequency generator.

The Audio-Frequency Generator has a frequency range of 10 Hz to 50,000 Hz and a built in frequency counter display. The heart of the unit is the XR-2206 function generator ic.

The unit was designed to generate a sine wave output of 0 to 6 volts rms into a high impedance load or 0 to 3 volts rms into a 600 ohm load.

The impedance of the sine wave output is 600 ohms. The unit also has a square wave output with a low source impedance and a fixed 5 volt output level.

Inside view of home-built audio frequency generator.

Audio Frequency Generator Schematic

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