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The 100 watt solar panel shunt regulator.

Here is the current experimental build of my 100 watt solar shunt regulator. The regulator voltage is adjustable from 13.8 volt to 14.5 volts to accommodate 12 volt lead acid and sealed batteries.

Inside view of the 100 watt solar panel testing shunt regulator.

The shunt regulator has two IRL540 mosfets and a MBR1060 schottky rectifier mounted on the back of a GlacialTech Igloo 7223 / (E) cpu heatsink with fan and two 100 watt 4 ohm power resistors to handle all the power. The circuit board only handles the low power electronics.

The solar shunt regulator circuit board.

I made the circuit board for the shunt regulator using my Cyclone PCB Factory CNC Router.
I also added a variable voltage regulator circuit on a piece of multipurpose board for the cpu cooling fan.

Testing the solar shunt regulator.

Testing the shunt regulator using my test bench power supplies.

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