Home built Solar Briefcase.

I built the Solar Briefcase using six Chronar 6" X 12" solar panels that I bought from a local surplus dealer and made the case out of plywood that I had left over from previous project.

The Solar Briefcase can produce an output of about 10.8 watts in optimal conditions.
I later made the Solar Book which is much more practical. I sometimes use the Solar Book to power my old portable multiband transistor radio.

 Open view of home built Solar Briefcase.

Here are some of the Solar Briefcase output configurations that can be set with the toggle switches.
  6 Volts @ 1800 ma.
12 Volts @ 900 ma.
18 Volts @ 600 ma.
36 Volts @ 300 ma.

Closeup view of home built Solar Briefcase panel mounting and banana jacks power output.

On the Solar Briefcase I used tie wrap ends to hold the solar panels in place. I cut the strap portion of the tie wrap and locking tab off with a utility knife. Then place the tapered edge of the tie wrap ends against the solar panels and mount the tie wrap ends in place with screws.

I also mounted the banana jacks into a piece of angle aluminum. The angle aluminum is held to the case with the tie wrap ends and a spring tensioned under a screw so the banana jacks can be tilted upward to create clearance when using them.