This Solid State Relay circuit uses 120 volts household mains and should only be attempted by someone that has the knowledge and skills to safely construct such a project. Otherwise personal injury and or property damage could result.

Home-built Solid State Relay schematic diagram.

Solid State Relay Parts List

B1 - DF02 Bridge Rectifier

C1 -  220uf, 50V Electrolytic Capacitor

C2 - .01uf Suppression Capacitor
            (Class X2 AC 275V)

C3 -   .1uf, 25V Ceramic Capacitor

IC1 - 7812 Voltage Regulator

OK1 - MOC3041 Zero-Cross Optoisolator Triac             Driver Output

R1, R6 - 47    Resistors
R2 - 390
R3 - 180
R4 - 1k
R5 - 100

T1 - BTB16-800CWRG Triac

All resistors 1/2 watt, except R5 - 2 watt carbon composition.

Home-built Solid State Relay circuit board component layout.
Solid state traic relay circuit board layout viewing circuit traces through top of board.

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